Snapshot into my life as a Brand Ambassador

“A Brand Ambassador (sometimes also called a Corporate Ambassador) is a person who is hired by an organization orcompany to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales”wp-1471488920462.jpg

For the past 5 years , I have worked as a brand ambasssador for the various companies I have represented and it is a career path i NEVER would have thought possible for me. The job and role has opened doors of opportunity and growth for me that have changed my life and who I am at my very core.

As you may know, this path began with a job as a costumed sign waver for Liberty Tax many seasons ago and after some rough personal issues in my life added to to the recession that this country faced, I had been without work for some time. the longest period of my life without work, to be honest , so I jumped at the chance to work again, and I didnt care about what it was.

See, my wife and I had lost a son at birth and to say it crushed us, would be the understatement of a lifetime. But from day one at Liberty, I found that the energy that public gave me fed my drive. The pain started to calm and I found the ability to breath again and my smiles were REAL. so I made the most of it, with the help and encouragemment of a great group of coworkers I very much see as my famiy.

Since that first season, so many things have happened… new skills, new paths and a life time of experiences that drive me each day to better myself and those around me. I have had the honor to be in a position to give jobs and a new chance to many, just as it was given to me.  I have had the chance to meet some people who I look up to and go places I never dreamed possible. A great many things have been checked off from my bucketlist, in the first few years of the job I lost nearly 100 lbs do to the excercise this job can entail. It helped land me a spot at a new haunted house that had just opened up, now ranked #6 in the nation and have fans in other countries and led to first paid commercial acting gig. It helped me meet the founders of my company and gain the attention and respect from many in company Iwp-1471693187553.png looked up t0, that i now proudly see as peers and friends.

To sum it up, you have the control, you have the ability and you ahve the network. we live in an era that any of this is not only possible but actually very easy to do, but we have to do it, we have to take that chance and bet on ourselves and get out there.


in this social media driven society where evevry one is either tellung thier story or following anothers, now is a tiime where smart brands will be willing to pay to have you use the social media muscles youo may not even knoow you have.

each post, each tweet and each pic tell a story about you …. make the most of it and tell your story, be your own brand, find your aundience…




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