Change your Ritual and change your path

For many, many years I had the very same morning ritual most have… Get up, bathroom, coffee, breakfast and then off for my day and it went fine and uneventful for many years.

Well recently, I have taken it upon myself to expand myself and grow and I have found the morning ritual to be the most important part of my day. The very thing you started the day off at the forefront of your mind is what you are setting yourself to have to face in the day to come…Would you not want it to be one on a positive note, one that inspires or teaches me, makes me look at the world around me and most importantly, look within myself.

I usually begin my day, as of late, with my daily Thrive 1-2-3 combo of supplements, shake and DFT patch, since I changed it up.  Then to YouTube for some motivation and lessons.. we have the world in our very hands, why the fuck is ignorance an issue??? Something like a simple video or two of thought-provoking, insightful & wisdom to begin the day and spark up that grey matter.

is it perfect? hell, no. this is a new routine from someone that has spent the vast majority of a lifetime looking for excuses and placing blame for my shortcomings on others. and yes, those days still happen, but since I began this transformation about a year ago, they are fewer and further apart.

it took me taking the first step and saying ENOUGH!!! and making that change happen by taking command of my own future and path. Each and every one of us has that ability, just too often we don’t believe in ourselves enough to take that leap of faith

I’m here to tell you can do it.. if I can and I have admittedly been a screw up most of my life, dwelling on my shortcomings for so long and I managed t get myself on the tack to change and yes, it does work…

you are your ritual.. what you eat, who you hang out with, what you say, what you post… these are all part of who you are not just the persona you put out there. and not just your audience pays attention, YOUR OWN SUBCONSCIENCE also pays attention and many time we are our own worst enemies.. knock it off and its time to grow…

YOU GOT THIS.. dig deep and build yourself into the pillar I know each of us can be.

have a great day, life and go make your mark in life.



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