Insights, Reflection and Goals for the future…


Having just finished my 5th year with Liberty Tax as a proud sign waver/spinner, marketer and brand ambassador, i find myself once again looking for the next job, gig and way to pay the bills. But more importantly,  find myself still grinding and beating myself up trying to better myself, something that had been long overdue.

We dont know what the future holds for us and we cant live in the past. every movement and success starts with someone making that first leap and pushing past all the bullshit. Why waste another moment, we have the toools to learn and connect with damn near literally anyone in the world. 

 NEVER in our history has the world been so open to us. Ignore the naysayers who tell you how muc a mess thos nation and the world are. We are livng in an age where the science fiction of my childhood has become reality. Take advantage of tht and GROW

Its has been a hell of a ride the pas few years as i have seen myself grow, both inside and oout. i have seen a myself be able to open doors and have an impact on those around me. Things i NEVER thought possible by me. i had sold myself short for so long thinking my mistakes of my past would hunder me.. but what i found was my mistakes heelped me grow and gave me insights that help those in my life and around me.

Its an amazing feeling helping people grow and see a future they didnt think possible, just like i found out about myself.

amke the most out of every moment and make that future you want and go fight and grind your face off until you get it. give yourself the happiness you desire, dont expect other to hand it to you
be epic and go make that dream a fact.. 




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