NO Better Time Than Now

I, like many people, strive to become a voice, an expert in their field.

Yet, like so many people, I also have a tendency to get cold feet, find excuses and generally not get shit done.

But for the last couple of years, I have been working to grow and in my journeys, i have come across so many experts, mentors and leaders in so many fields, and realized that many of us can do this.. at least on some level of success if we just pull the damn trigger.

it takes action, fuck constantly planning and going back to tweak said plan to be same.  JUST DO IT!!!


we all fail somewhere and manage to go on, so you know it is possible, so what is stopping you???

so this is me pulling my trigger and I ask you to come along on this journey, tell me what you think, what you want to know and what pexels-photo-256229.jpegi can do for you. this is about creating a community, the world is too damn uptight,

so I invite you to join and join me in flipping this shit around


Roger  Allan


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