who is your worst enemy?

Ever wake up in the morning, you feel like hell, body aches and you think you are coming down with a bug and then the first time you go to speak.. NOTHING!! Voice is gone, but you still have to try to go about your day and get shit done.

that is very much where I have been, of late. I seem to have lost my voice, in this journey of growth I chose to take. when you know you have a story to tell, lessons to give and wisdom to share… but NOTHING, nothing but fear, self-doubt, and depression. 

that is where I have been lately, and I know it is something that I am not alone on. 

too often, we are our own worst enemies, our own worst critics and no one can beat you done more effectively than the silent screaming voices in your head. trust me, i know them well.

BUT , you doN’t have accept that. I sure as fuck am not going to just sit back and accept that and I hope to chose to break that chain yourself. it’s not worth it, life s too god damn short to waste it beating yourself up over the past.

see, even as I write this, I find that my own voice is starting to come back and heart is opening up.

we OVERTHINK thing and in the process, talk ourselves out of the very things we need to grow. I understand, we don’t like to fail… it sucks.

but that is how we learn, from trying, failing, getting back up and doing it again, hopefully, a little wiser from the prior fails.

our fails are our lessons, the proving grounds for who and what we will become. make sure it is something epic. and it is all within our grasp, I firmly believe that.

even as I write this, it is raw, unstructured and  no doubt full  of mistakes and errors that I will look back on and cringe, but if I want to pursue this, the steps have to be done and learn.

we walk before we run.. and even runners fall… but do they stay down? then why would you?

we got this.


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