The Middleman…Building a Web


one of my favorite past times, of late, it networking, most of all online. In this day and age, there is very little that can stop you from finding a way to get on the radar of many people that could have been outside our reach a mere decade ago.

I have always been a social butterfly, of sorts since I was a kid, but only in very small groups. Large groups used to send me into anxiety attacks.

the biggest breakthrough I had was several years ago leading into another tax season and my LIberty Tax crew were set to go out of town to Orlando for a guerrilla marketing training seminar, and I was to go.

well, things happen and I was left behind( looking back, it was a valid mistake) but I took it personally and when I heard them talking about the training they had received and the trainer they had, Becky Elder.

Now, I am not one that deals with feeling slighted, and this was long before I had begun this journey for growth and balance. So I looked her up on Facebook and found her and sent a simple pic in costume and wishes for a great season.

now, I knew this was a company that was open about the place we sign waver held on the founder’s list of things that lead to a success, so it was very reassuring when she accepted my request and we began to talk.

Now, please understand, there is very much a backstory that led to my time with Liberty and that story has opened many hearts and doors, and this time was no different.

So, for the next few months, I daily reached out to other contacts of new friends and made sure that my posts and content were that that would make anyone that thought of a sign waver, a symbol the company is known for, they would think of me.

Bold? Most definitely.

but effective.

because those actions lead to being surprised by some of my new friends who saw promise and drive in me and were my patrons on a journey that changed my life.

out of nowhere, after finding out that I would not be going to the company convention at Virginia Beach, they got me there and met dozens of people I now see as teammates, extended family, mentors, and inspirations.

this simply from getting pissed and cocky, hoping to make those that left me behind look bad… looking back, it was so petty, but I can live with that, all things considered.

It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone, refusing to give up, bringing real value and character and knowing where to find those you seek to meet. after that, thanks to social media and the digital age, researching and knowing what people want to see and how to catch their attention isn’t that hard… if you have the guts.


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